Cleaning the Natural Way

Ahh the smell of clean is in the air and I begin to feel a bit giddy with the change of the seasons. Did I just say that? Don’t get me wrong I love all of the seasons but there is something about the changing of the seasons that I love. But seriously, I have been slacking off on the cleaning part ;-(  I want the house to be as clean as possible but without using toxic cleaners. Which is why I have compiled a list of cleaners for you to try out, with most of the of ingredients you have in your cupboards right now.

I do have a confession to make if I need to make a cleaner that I haven’t memorized I usually look it up on Pinterest and then alter the essential oils to suit my preference. I love the smell of citrus in my cleaning products, it just smells clean! Here are some links to some of my favorite boards that I follow on Pinterest, but I must warn you, you might go down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and forget what you went there for! 😉

Wood Floor Cleaner can be found at mom4real, No Streak Window Cleaner wholenewmom,

Stove and Oven Cleaner commonsensehome, 3 ingredient Drain Cleaner simplyfrugal. Oh and let’s not forget the tablets, computer screens and the germs here is a screen cleaner that will do the trick over at themamasgirls. Let’s move over to the bathroom that will leave your bathroom smelling awesome passionforsavings, this is an all-in-one bathroom cleaner that will help in the cleaning of the bathroom and  just maybe you won’t be the only one that wants to clean it livesimply.

I hope this short list will help you get started on cleaning the natural way. Once you start down that road you will wonder why you even bought those chemical laden cleaners. Have a wonderful week everyone!


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