A couple of months ago we decided we should buy some land as a form of investment for our eventual “retirement” plan. So we made a list of places that would be conducive to the way we wanted to live, plain and simple. Back to nature, dependent on no one for our money, food, and where we could get away from the city life’s hustle and bustle. N,ow don’t get me wrong,  I do like the amenities the city has to offer but I get so  tired of feeling like I am on the hamster wheel.

So we decided that Colorado had all of the things we wanted to do and there was plenty of land to choose from. My husband is awesome at the research part and after all that is what he likes to do; he researches everything and anything we will buy or ever think about buying and makes sure we get a fair price on it. Me on the other hand, I do not have the patience for it and that is why we make such a good team. 😉

So he found some land in Colorado at a very good price, we did the research on the area and the job market, just in case I have to be employed and then we purchased the land. We took a trip down in July. The land is up on a mountain it is 10,000 feet up; it took over an hour to get up the mountain, because it is slow going up those winding dirt roads. We saw lots of wild life on our way up to inspect the land, it was beautiful but scary at the same time.

We were following the GPS when it said to make a left, so we made a left and it happened to be someone’s driveway, oops!! But it turned out the guy who lived there was pretty cool and was a wealth of information about the mountain and he knew the area where our land was. He asked us if we were going to live there in the Spring and Summer, but when we said no that we had planned on being there all year; he said we might want to re-think that, mainly because in the winter time there are no plows that come up there for at least 4-6 months.

Well, this gave us something to pause and think about, maybe we should have an alternative plan for the winter….hmmm. It just so happened that our neighbor was a contractor who installs septic systems, he said he would help us when we start building our cabin. Awesomeness!!! So we left our new neighbor and began to the trek to our land and we still had a ways to go. Finally we arrived, after another 20 minutes of driving winding red clay roads, we found our street.  It was nothing but trees for as far as the eye could see, we don’t have any neighbors around us and the property is situated at the corner of the “main” road.

We were glad we had came to look at the property, because now we knew exactly what we had to do to make it livable for us. We have 16 1/2 acres in which to live on and build specific out buildings to house our food,  an art studio, wood working studio, and greenhouse for winter production of food. Now we have to get busy saving up money to set the septic system next year and planning the initial house to stay in while we are up there working. My sister, when she was alive, used to call us the nomads and in a way I would say she was right, but then again I think it is all about just living the way you want to live. Pure and simple. Until next time! By the way, here are some of the pictures I took while we were there!




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