Out of the Box

So this year I have been researching ways to make less of an impact on the earth and straining resources, namely our resources. I come from the mind set of recycling before it was a trend. But I also like things to look quality made too, like you would get if you bought it from the store.  So as you may have guessed, I am always perusing Pinterest, antique stores, the side of road and I see a lot of things that could be put to good use.

Well, I got an old door from one of my friends at the gym and will be turning it into a daybed for my granddaughter when she comes to stay on the weekends. If you want to see what it looks like stay tuned and I will post pictures of the project. But in the meantime here are some ideas from my favorite boards: cindyssecondthoughts.blogspot.com, newdiycrafts.tumblr.com.

Hey check out this picture of a day bed I found on Pinterest!

Daybed made from antique house parts. Love. @nikki striefler striefler Sebesta, this would be GREAT on a porch!!:

Now that’s a serious day bed, but I don’t want mine to be that big. It will be more like a twin size or smaller. I don’t have that kind of space. Our house is a shotgun style house, the kind you can see the whole house from the front to the back door, which I really love because it’s not so big that it would be too big to clean and it keeps you from buying too much stuff/furniture; which keeps me in check because I love old furniture/DIY projects.

We have been renovating our house  on a budget (which is a small budget) but we are paying cash for everything we do. So every paycheck we buy something for the house, it is a slow process, but it keeps us from getting into debt. I will be posting pictures of the renovations we have made to our humble home in the near future.

So wish me luck on our weekend project and I will post pictures next week. See you on the web!

Bonnie B



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